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Welcome to Vintage Mountain Bikes - discover a personal collection of vintage mountain bikes from Charlie Cunningham, Steve Potts, Ibis, and more. I always have mountain bike projects in progress, so, be sure to check back often to see new bikes added to the bike collection page.

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Charlie Cunningham Indian Mountain Bike

1985 Cunningham

1987 Steve Potts Vintage Mountain Bike

1987 Steve Potts

1988 Ibis Carbon Titanium Vintage Mountain Bike

1988 Ibis

A Charlie Cunningham Applied Technology Indian mountain bike.

A 1987 fillet-brazed Steve Potts mountain bike with Speedmaster Roller Cam brakes.

1 of 3 ever made and featured in the “The Art of the Mountain Bike” show at the Braunstein/Quay Gallery.

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