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1987 Steve Potts Vintage Mountain Bike with Type I Fork

This 1987 Steve Potts vintage mountain bike has a bunch of cool parts, which I’ll list below.


Starting with the rarer Type I curved fork, providing a more supple ride than the Type II version, a Goose Neck (LD) stem, made specifically for use with the WTB Drop Handlebar (now trendy with ‘gravel’ cyclists - of which I detest the term!), WTB Shifter Conversion Kit (Sausage Link Plates!) designed to modify Suntour thumb shifters so they work with the larger diameter WTB Drop Bar. This kit moves the shift lever into an ergonomic position and allows downshifting when the brakes are applied.


Also featured is the Wilderness Trail Aluminum Cable Hanger, Wilderness Trail Fixed Angle Seatpost, otherwise known as the FASP, and Grease Guard hubs and finally, early handmade Charlie Cunningham, before WTB decided to use a well renowned machinists shop, DKG based north of San Francisco, Wilderness Trail Roller Cam brakes with drilled (swiss-cheese!) arms.


The 21” size frame has the serial number 887147 meaning it was built in August, 1987 and was the 147th Steve built during that year, just 17 after my red Steve Potts bike and 7 ahead of my pink Steve Potts! I never would have thought I would own 3 built within a few weeks of one another.


Please excuse the non-appropriate tires! They will be replaced soon and I'll add more photos too.

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