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1991 Formula 1 Cycles Vintage Mountain Bike

This was Tom Walkinshaw’s Formula One Carbon Fiber Mountain Bike, chassis number 10. It was completed on 14th December 1991.

Tom Walkinshaw was a racing car driver from Scotland and the founder of Tom Walkinshaw Racing (TWR). He enjoyed great success in the World Sportscar Championship racing series and the European Touring Car racing series. He sadly passed away in 2010.

Advanced Race Car Technology in new British Carbon Fiber Mountain Bike” was the line Formula 1 used and “Le Mans-winning materials and quality standards”.

The frame is a hollow carbon fiber monocoque frame, similar in concept to a racing car - now a normal standard and not considered an exotic material. The frame was formed over a mold before being cured in an autoclave at high temperatures. The rear triangle is constructed from Reynolds 531 Cro-moly steel, tig welded by Roberts Cycles, and bolted through the carbon monocoque. Titanium was considered but deemed too expensive. The F1 Carbon Composite Fork has a hollow HE15 aluminum crown with carbon unidirectional 1.125 blades and aluminum dropouts with a 5.5 rake and Magura brake mounts. Weight is 780 grams.

The bike is specified with solid, reliable components from Mavic, Cook, Shimano, Magura, and Ringle.

I've written a piece about the Formula One Cycles history, please check it out.

If you have an original Formula One Cycles jersey made by Pearl Izumi, please do get in touch.

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