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1985 Charlie Cunningham Indian Vintage Mountain Bike

Charlie Cunningham Applied Technology offered 3 different styles of frames. The Cunningham RACER as its name suggests, was a mountain bike for racing that excels on narrow single-track trails and climbing. The INDIAN frame was designed to be more 'user friendly', a practical bike ideal for off-road touring. And then there was the LITTLE PEOPLES BIKE which was designed to suit shorter riders.

The Indian. Named with regard to the Native Americans who lived in the USA before us, and whose respect for and attunement to the land is a model for contemporary lovers of the wilderness.

This Indian vintage mountain bike was built by Charlie Cunningham circa 1985 and is frame number 42. Some of the nice features on the bike, consist of a lucky nickel under the fork crown, WTB labeled Ground Control (Jacquie Phelan named) tires before Specialized mass-produced them, Edco headset with three tiny holes drilled in the cup, which predated his Grease Guard system, it allows one to purge moisture out when necessary. Shimano BMX Seatpost head pinned and bonded onto a normal diameter Seatpost tube, Type II fork with cantilever brake, Hi-E bonded riveted hubs, Cunningham Light Weight Seatpost Quick Release, Speedmaster Roller Cam brake, affectionately referred to as the “Swiss cheese” version, due to the drilled out arms, amongst some other features I'm probably missing! I'll update you in due course.


If you can, please donate a few bucks to Charlie Cunningham who sustained several serious injuries whilst riding his bike. You can do so on his Charlie Cunningham Medical/Rehab gofundme page (opens in a new tab)

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