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For Sale and Wanted

Nothing for sale at present.


I'm looking to trade my Cunningham Indian MTB for a larger Cunningham Racer in my size, as my Indian is too small. Please contact me at the link below.


I'm always interested in adding bikes and parts to my collection and am looking for, but, not limited to the below.

Parts I require for projects

  • Trimble 1-inch Roobar (handlebar/stem)

  • Cunningham Light Weight Seat Post Quick Release

  • IRD Flat Bar Infinity Butt Handlebar


  • Breezer Series II or III

  • Cook Bros Bonzo Fury

  • Charlie Cunningham Racer

  • Fat Chance, fillet brazed with box crown fork

  • Interloc Racing Design (IRD) Semi Stroker

  • Mantis Valkyrie

  • One-Off Ti

  • Raleigh John Tomac (Merlin or Litespeed)

  • Ritchey Commando or Annapurna

  • Steve Potts (pre-1987)

  • Wilderness Trail Bikes / WTB Phoenix (1994)

  • Yeti Ultimate

If you have something you think I'd be interested in, please email me on the contact page.

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